Black bread pudding with almonds

(Recipe #32, page 159)

Ingredients: ½ pound of stale black bread, grated and sieved, ¼ pound of butter, 1 glass of claret, 12 eggs, ½ pound of sieved sugar, ¼ pound of grated almonds, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, the grated peel of half a lemon, and 2 pinches of crushed cardamom seeds. Continue reading

Soufflé au riz (Brussels rice soufflé in a dish with meringue crust)

(Recipe #4, page 163)

Ingredients: 2 ounces of rice, 1 quart of milk, 4 eggs, sugar rubbed with lemon peel to taste.

After scalding the rice thoroughly, simmer it slowly with milk, sugar, and lemon peel until it is thick, then stir in 4 egg yolks. Carefully fold the stiffly beaten egg whites into the dough and place it the dish with a meringue crust, prepared as follows: Continue reading

Crayfish pudding

(Recipe #39, page 161)

Ingredients: 1 pound, 6 ounces of good 2-day-old white bread, ½ quart of fresh milk, 3 ounces of crayfish butter, 10 fresh eggs, ¼ pound of sieved sugar [2/3 cup], ½ ounce of ground bitter macaroons or the peel of a lemon, a scant ½ pound of finely chopped suet, and 18 minced crayfish tails. Continue reading