Sour cream and fruit soufflé (another recipe)

(Recipe #19, page 166)

Ingredients: a good ½ quart of sour cream, 6 eggs, 3 ounces of finely crumbled zwieback, 3 tablespoons of sugar, some vanilla pounded with sugar or cinnamon and lemon peel. Continue reading


Zwieback soufflé

(Recipe #10, page 164)

Crumble about 15 pieces of zwieback, moisten the crumbs with milk, add 2 ounces of creamed butter, 6–8 egg yolks, and 2 ounces of granulated sugar [1/4 cup], and finally fold in the beaten egg whites. Continue reading

White bread soufflé

(Recipe #9, page 164)

Pour boiling milk over 6–8 slices of zwieback and let them soak; while still warm, stir in a knob of butter (it must not be too thin). Add 2 ounces of grated almonds, 8–10 egg yolks, sugar, lemon to taste, and a cupful of previously refreshed raisins; finally fold in stiffly beaten egg whites and bake for 1 hour in a mold or soufflé dish. Continue reading


Rice soufflé

(Recipe #3, pages 162 – 163)

Ingredients: ½ pound of rice, ¼ pound of butter, 8 eggs, ¼ pound of sugar 2/3 cups], lemon peel and cinnamon, a few pieces of ground zwieback, ¼ pound of washed and seeded raisins, and 1 quart of milk. Continue reading


Brown sago pudding

(Recipe #16, pages 155 – 156)

Ingredients: ¼ pound of sago [approx. 2/3 cups] washed several time in cold and then warm water, boiled until thick in equal parts of claret and water, a scant 3 ounces of creamed butter, six egg yolks, 2 ounces of zwieback crumbs, ½ cup of sweet cream, ¼ pound of sugar [about 5/8 cups], cinnamon and lemon peel, and the beaten egg whites. Continue reading


White sago pudding

(Recipe #15, page 155)

Ingredients: 7 ounces of sago [approx. 1-1/3 cups] cooked in milk until thick, 10 eggs, ¼ pound of butter, ¼ pound of sugar [about 5/8 cups], cinnamon and the peel of a lemon, 5 ounces of zwieback crumbs, and 1 cup of good sweet cream. Continue reading


Fried frog legs

(Recipe #4, page 148)

After cleaning the frog legs, let them stand for ¼ hour sprinkled with salt; wash them in cold water, dip them in beaten egg with nutmeg, dredge them in zwieback crumbs or breadcrumbs, and fry them in hot butter from ¼ hour until they are light brown.

Translated by David Green.


English plum pudding, no. 2

(Recipe #3, page 152)

Ingredients: ½ pound of raisins, ½ pound of currants, ½ pound of chopped suet, ½ pound zwieback crumbs, ½ pound sugar, ¼ pound of citron, 2–3 ounces of ground almonds, 2–3 ounces of orange peel, ½ a nutmeg, 1 wineglass of rum, and 4 whole eggs (without beating the whites). Continue reading


Fried oysters

(Recipe #92, page 145)

Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on the oysters, dip them in egg and mace and then in crumbled zwieback, and cook them in foaming butter in a clean pan until they stiffen; actual frying makes oysters too hard. Continue reading


Fried fresh herring

(Recipe #80, page 143)

Scale and gut the herring, wash, salt, and dry them, dip them in egg, and turn them in zwieback crumbs and mace; fry them in hot butter.

Translated by David Green.