Ordinary apple soufflé or cobbler

(Recipe #24, page 167)

Ingredients: ½ pound flour [1-3/4 cups], 3 ounces of butter, ⅜ quart [1-1/2 cups] of milk. 2 tablespoons of sugar, 6 eggs, lemon peel or 8 ground bitter almonds, and 1½ teaspoons of salt. Continue reading


A fine apple soufflé

(Recipe #23, pages 166 – 167)

Ingredients: good cooking apples, preserves for filling them, ¼ pound of butter, ¼ pound of flour [a little less than 1 cup], ¼ pound [1/2 cup] of sugar, 6 eggs, ¼ quart [1 cup] of milk, and the peel of half a lemon. Continue reading

Rhubarb soufflé

(Recipe #20, page 166)

Use 1 rhubarb compote and half the dough from the recipe for sponge pudding. Put part of the dough in a buttered mold, spread the compote over it, cover with the remaining dough, and bake the soufflé for ¾ hour in a moderate oven. Continue reading


Sour cream soufflé

(Recipe #17, page 165)

Ingredients: a good quart [4 cups] of thick sour cream, 8 eggs, 4 tablespoons of flour, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla (or substitute grated lemon peel and a pinch of salt). Continue reading


Everyday omelet soufflé

(Recipe #15, page 165)

Mix together thoroughly a heaping tablespoon of flour with ⅛ quart [1/2 cup] of warm milk and 1/16 quart [1/4 cup] of water. Then beat 4 fresh whole eggs with a little salt and mix with the milk. Continue reading


Omelet soufflé, no. 2

(Recipe #14, page 165)

Ingredients: 6 eggs, 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of fine flour, ¼ pound of butter. Continue reading


Convent soufflé

(Recipe #8, page 164)

Ingredients: 7 ounces of fine flour, ¼ pound of sugar [1/2 cup], ¼ pound of butter, 2 ounces of ground almonds, 4 eggs, ⅜ quart of milk [1-1/2 cups] flavored with vanilla or lemon peel. Continue reading


Flour soufflé

(Recipe #7, pages 163 – 164)

Use the same dough as for sponge pudding (section VIII, no. 17) and bake it for 1 hour. Before folding in the egg whites, stir in 3 ounces of 2-day-old grated white bread. Continue reading


Ordinary flour pudding, with yeast

(Recipe #29, pages 158 – 159)

Ingredients: 1¾ pound of good flour [6-1/3 cups], 1–2 ounces of dry yeast or 4 tablespoons of thick wet yeast, 3–4 ounces of melted butter, 4 tablespoons of sugar, raisins and currants to taste (7–8 ounces total), a scant ¾ quart of lukewarm milk, 2 eggs. Continue reading


Swabian pudding

(Recipe #18, page 156)

Ingredients: 5 ounces fine flour [approx. 1-1/4 cups], 5 ounces finely ground almonds, 5 ounces of butter, 5 ounces of sugar [2/3 cups], 9 eggs, ¼ quart of milk, and the grated rind of a lemon. Continue reading