Apple pie

(Recipe #15, page 121)

Place a pie-crust rim around a deep dish, fill the dish with peeled, quartered apples and sprinkle layers generously with sugar and lemon peel or cinnamon. In springtime, if the apples are no longer tender and juicy, add a couple of cups of wine and lemon slices. Then place the crust on top and proceed as described in no. 9.

Note: This pie can also be made with plums or cherries.

Translated by David Green.

Westfalian black goose (Gänseschwarz)

(Recipe #155, page 115)

Take everything that cannot be used in roast goose, namely: Neck, wings, liver, heart, lungs, stomach, and legs. The latter are placed in boiling water and peeled.

Chop up the neck into several pieces. Everything else is similarly cut up. If the meat is to be stored for several days, pour a little vinegar over it. Continue reading

Roast goose

(Recipe #153, page 115)

If one has prepared the goose for roasting as in I, then stuff with an apple cut in four pieces. This can be mixed with raisins or currants or with dried and blanched plums. In some regions, the goose is stuffed with cooked chestnuts or with small potatoes and a little salt, or with forcemeat.

Then sew the goose shut and place it in the roasting pan. Salt it, add a little water, and cover tightly. Let cook until almost done. Then uncover and roast, basting often, occasionally adding a little boiling water to the pot.

The goose must roast until it is crispy, golden brown, but not too brown. The gravy should also have a light brown color.

To serve, remove the strings. Prepare the gravy as for a turkey.

Cooking time is 2-1/2 – 3 hours.

Icing for a large plum tart

(Recipe #8, page 255)

A small soup-bowl of thick sour cream (may substitute fresh milk), 4 eggs, 2 TBS sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon.

Beat sour cream or milk well with whole eggs [and other ingredients]. When the plum tart is almost finished baking, add icing to the tart by the spoonful.

[Note: Davidis omitted the instructions to add the remaining ingredients. Also, one must assume that the ‘icing’ or Guss will be a sort of meringue, baking along with the plum tart until it is finished.]