Crayfish pudding

(Recipe #39, page 161)

Ingredients: 1 pound, 6 ounces of good 2-day-old white bread, ½ quart of fresh milk, 3 ounces of crayfish butter, 10 fresh eggs, ¼ pound of sieved sugar [2/3 cup], ½ ounce of ground bitter macaroons or the peel of a lemon, a scant ½ pound of finely chopped suet, and 18 minced crayfish tails.

Cut away the crusts of the bread, moisten it in the milk, press it and tear it into small pieces. Cream the crayfish butter with the bread; gradually add the egg yolks, sugar, macaroons, suet, and crayfish tails. Finally fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites eggs and boil the pudding for 2½ hours. Make a sauce using cream or milk and some crayfish butter, thickened with egg yolks.

Serves 14–16.

Translated by David Green.

Ed. note: The German word Krebs can also mean crab.

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