English warm meat pudding

(Recipe #37, pages 160 – 161)

Take 2 pounds of pure beef, remove all sinews, and chop it very fine together with a small onion. Then cream ¼ pound of butter and gradually stir in 8 whole eggs, a few spoonfuls of sour cream, lemon peel, a bit of pepper and allspice, an absolutely fresh herring cleaned and chopped very fine, 3 ounces of stale white bread (without the crust) moistened in cold water and squeezed, finely chopped mushrooms and morels, and the necessary salt. Continue reading

Broiling herring like lampreys

(Recipe #86, page 144)

After refreshing and drying the herring, cut the heads a bit smaller on both sides, remove the eyes, and grill the fish well on a gridiron. Place them in pot with lemon slices, bay leaves, coarsely ground pepper, and allspice, and pour salad oil over them. Continue reading

Another method (to pickle salt herring)

(Recipe #85, pages 143 – 144)

Prepare the herring as above, soaking them in water or preferably milk for two days to extract the salt completely. Then gut the fish and cut the flesh smooth. Layer the fish in a preserving jar or stoneware crock with whole shallots or small onions, capers, cloves, pepper, lemon slices, and a few bay leaves, and cover with vinegar. The milt can also be passed through a sieve and combined with vinegar to make a thick sauce and poured over the herring. Continue reading

Fresh herring after the soup

(Recipe #79, page 143)

Prepare the herring as described in section I, no. 60 and cut them into diagonal pieces. Make a small wave of fresh butter in the middle of a dish with herring on both sides, or make a ring of herring slices around the butter, surrounded by overlapping white bread canapés. The dish should be passed with a dessert knife and a fork.

Translated by David Green.

Pike or pickerel poached and sauced (delicious)

(Recipe #42, pages 134 – 135)

After cleaning the fish thoroughly, larding it on both sides, and salting it a bit, fry it briefly in slightly browned butter; then add finely sliced onions and when they begin to soften add water. After cooking for ten minutes, add a refreshed and finely sliced herring, crumbled zwieback, some vinegar, ground pepper and nutmeg, and any needed salt. The sauce must be very well bound.

Translated by David Green.