Semolina or rice flour soufflé

(Recipe #6, page 163)

Ingredients: ½ pound of coarse semolina [1-1/3 cups], 5/8 quart of milk [2.5 cups], 7 ounces of butter [14 TBS or .875 cups] plus 2 ounces of fresh suet (or just 7 ounces of butter), 7 eggs, 3 ounces of sugar [1/2 cup], 6–8 finely ground almonds, and a bit of salt. Continue reading

Mutton soup

(Recipe #13, pages 30 – 31)

Wash the meat, and place it on the stove in boiling water with not too much salt. Skim. Add a small knob of celery root, a young kohlrabi, finely chopped onions, sweated flour (see no. 7) and pearl barley or cooked rice. Cook slowly, tightly covered. If one would like semolina in the soup, sprinkle it into the broth and stir, half an hour before serving. Potato dumplings may be cooked in this soup, and egg yolks and nutmeg or finely chopped parsley can be stirred into the soup. However, this is unnecessary for the everyday table.

Cooking time is approximately 2 hours.

Veal soup

(Recipe #10, page 30)

Prepare veal as in [Recipe] No. 4 above, except with more of the meat, since veal is less flavorful than beef. After it has been rinsed well and skimmed in water and salt, run the broth through a sieve after about half an hour. Then as in [Recipe] No. 7 above, sweat a little flour in butter, and slowly add the veal broth to that mixture. Add parsley root, and if available several scozonera; one hour before serving, add cooked rice. Continue reading