Translation notes

We’re following the original wording and format as closely as possible. When the cookbook is published, each recipe will show that original translation, plus a “real life” version.

The “real life” version will be formatted the way you’d expect, with ingredients listed, plus step by step instructions.

Additionally, [anything in brackets] is not in the original text. If the translator adds a comment, e.g. There are no heating instructions, that comment will be in brackets. If Davidis added a comment to the recipe, e.g. You can substitute arrak for Madeira, there will not be brackets around the note.

We have left all measurements in their original form, with conversion chart for all known measurements (especially ounces to cups) where possible. If you know any conversions we’ve missed, or if you disagree with what we show, please comment here!

Added December 29, 2012: We’re trying to link all of Henriette Davidis’ references as we go. For example, if she says, “Follow directions in recipe no. 8,” we’re linking to recipe no. 8 if it’s already been uploaded. And for links within sections, we’re also going back and updating links as we go.

However, once we get to the end of this, if you run across a missing link, you can do two things:

  • First, go to the top right of the screen and search for the missing recipe link. If Davidis wrote, “caper sauce,” then search for caper sauce. You should be able to find it that way.
  • Second, notify us of the missing recipe link. We’ll add it so future readers will see it. Thanks!


The Editors

4 thoughts on “Translation notes

  1. Note typo above: “Davidis”. Perhaps this should be “David has”?

    Also I hope the comment about arrak being a substitute for Madeira was tongue in cheek.

    • In that recipe, I think she was completely serious about substituting arrak for Madeira. Makes me want to try the recipe both ways, to see if perhaps *in that recipe* the substitution works. Because I cannot imagine it either!

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