Anchovy canapés (popular after the soup)

(Recipe #76, page 142)

Toast slices of wheat bread (preferably made with milk) or brown them in butter, or else dip them in milk and egg and quickly fry them lightly in melted butter. Then brush the slices with the sauce described below and cover them with anchovies prepared as in section I, no. 21. Continue reading

Fresh cod

(Recipe #59, page 138)

Scale the cod, gut it, and remove the fins. Wash the fish and cut off the head and tail (not too close). Cut the body into pieces 1–2 inches thick. Many consider the head a delicacy; if it is not too big, cut it in half and give it a preliminary cooking for 5 minutes in heavily salted boiling water; then add the other pieces and boil for an additional 10–15 minutes, constantly skimming the foam. Continue reading

Fresh roast rabbit

(Recipe #97, page 99)

Among the various kinds of roast, a large roast is most suitable. The rabbit should be full grown but still young. Older rabbits are better prepared as jugged rabbit; really old rabbits are best made into soup.

To prepare the roast, cut off the head, front feet, and abdominal skin, rinse off the saddle and lard it like a hare or place a slice of pork fat on it, then sprinkle some fine salt over it. Heat a lot of butter and several slices of pork fat in a pan until it begins to brown, place the roast in the pan, and add a tablespoon of mustard. Baste the meat frequently. Continue reading

Roast leg of mutton

(Recipe #88, page 96)

Wait 2–3 days before roasting the leg. Pound it vigorously without removing the fat, wash it and dry it with a towel, then place it in hot fat (butter and pork fat), brown it, pour boiling water over it (or 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, if a sour flavor is wanted), flavor it with shallots or onions, some bay leaves, nutmegs, pepper, and tarragon, and sprinkle fine salt over it. If fresh cucumbers are available, dice half a plateful and add them immediately to the roasting pan; they enhance the flavor and appearance of the gravy substantially. Continue reading

Polish salad

(Recipe #10, page 233)

Cube and mix all leftover roasted meats [Braten] (except for poultry) into a serving bowl. Add iceberg lettuce or endive to the meat. Mix well with oil, vinegar, mustard, salt, finely diced onions, and soft-boiled eggs.

Note: This zesty, tasty, and very refreshing salad may also be prepared by salad-lovers for themselves when they are dining in inns.