Baked flounder

(Recipe #95, page 146)

After cleaning the flounder, make an incision on one side, place them in a shallow tin pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, pour a bit of melted butter over them, sprinkle with finely chopped onion and parsley along with fine bread crumbs, and dot with a few small pieces of butter. Continue reading

Lobster fricassee with fish dumplings and asparagus

(Recipe #89, pages 144 – 145)

Thoroughly clean fat spring chickens, put them on the stove with barely enough salted water to cover; add a generous knob of butter and with some mace, and simmer until done, skimming carefully. A good ¼ hour beforehand, add very tender asparagus, well peeled and parboiled. Continue reading

Boiled lobster

(Recipe #88, page 142)

The lobster’s mouth opening must be stoppered with a pointed piece of wood to prevent too much water from entering. Boil the lobster in rapidly boiling water with lots of salt, like the water used for boiling fish. When the lobster is put in the pot, put a red-hot poker in the water to assure that the water continues to boil; take it out a few minutes later. Continue reading