Good steaks from chopped beef

(Recipe #18, page 80)

When high-quality beefsteak is unavailable, the following is a preferable approach.

For each pound of clear lean beef, take 2–3 ounces of diced firm suet with membrane and sinew removed, and mince both together. Form 4–5 steaks as thick as a finger. If they are to be fried, sprinkle both sides with a bit of pepper and the necessary salt.

Heat a knob of butter or half butter and half fat piping hot in a small, very clean pan, place the steaks in the pan, brown them, moving them back and forth without piercing them, then turn them and brown the other side. Quickly place them on a plate, pour some cold water into the pan, stir the gravy until it has thickened somewhat, and pass it with the steaks.

Note: The steaks must fry for just a few minutes, leaving the interior medium-rare; longer cooking robs them of their juices and makes them hard. They also become quite tough if they are left uncooked until the next day after being salted.

Translated by David Green.


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