Fresh roast rabbit

(Recipe #97, page 99)

Among the various kinds of roast, a large roast is most suitable. The rabbit should be full grown but still young. Older rabbits are better prepared as jugged rabbit; really old rabbits are best made into soup.

To prepare the roast, cut off the head, front feet, and abdominal skin, rinse off the saddle and lard it like a hare or place a slice of pork fat on it, then sprinkle some fine salt over it. Heat a lot of butter and several slices of pork fat in a pan until it begins to brown, place the roast in the pan, and add a tablespoon of mustard. Baste the meat frequently.

As in the preparation of roast hare, as soon as it starts to brown, add sour cream, or if cream is not available gradually add some milk, and continue to baste frequently over moderately high heat. As soon as the roast is easily pierced and turns golden brown, which will take an hour or more depending on the age of the animal, place it on a heated platter, stir the congealed juices in the pan together with half a tablespoon of flour and enough water to make a thickened gravy. Pour some over the roast and pass the rest separately.

Applesauce is the tastiest accompaniment.

Translated by David Green.


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