Everyday omelet soufflé

(Recipe #15, page 165)

Mix together thoroughly a heaping tablespoon of flour with ⅛ quart [1/2 cup] of warm milk and 1/16 quart [1/4 cup] of water. Then beat 4 fresh whole eggs with a little salt and mix with the milk.

Heat a lot of butter (or equal parts butter and fat) in a clean pancake pan and pour the batter in; turning the pan frequently, let the liquid run under the omelet until it is lightly browned and the entire top is dry. Using a spatula, immediately fold the omelet over and slip it onto a hot plate.

It may be sprinkled with a bit of sugar or filled with cranberry preserves or applesauce before being folded.

Serves 4.

Translated by David Green.



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