Everyday omelet soufflé

(Recipe #15, page 165)

Mix together thoroughly a heaping tablespoon of flour with ⅛ quart [1/2 cup] of warm milk and 1/16 quart [1/4 cup] of water. Then beat 4 fresh whole eggs with a little salt and mix with the milk. Continue reading


To Fry Fresh Beef Sausage

(Recipe #49, page 88)

Since the casing is easily torn when the sausage is being fried, it is a good idea to put it first in a pot with almost boiling water for ¼ hour (it must not boil) to heat it thoroughly. Then heat butter on the stove until it begins to brown, place the sausage in very hot dish, and pour the butter over it. This is superb with applesauce, but it is also very good with potatoes and apples.

Translated by David Green.

Potatoes and apples

(Recipe #14, page 70)

Parboil the potatoes briefly, then boil them in fresh salted water until done. Peel sour apples cut into quarters or slices, remove the core, and wash well. Add them to the potatoes along with butter.

After the potatoes and apples have become quite soft, mash them thoroughly together; if the puree is too dry, add milk and heat it through. Continue reading