Pudding made from cold veal roast

(Recipe #38, page 161)

Ingredients: 1¾ pounds of finely chopped fresh-tasting veal roast, with skin and sinews removed, 8 eggs, a scant 6 ounces of butter, 2–3 ounces of 2-day-old grated milk-bread [bread soaked in milk], ½ cup of sweet cream, 6 finely chopped shallots, salt, and a bit of nutmeg. Continue reading


Another recipe (for ragout of leftover roast veal)

(Recipe #86, page 96)

Brown a few sliced onions lightly in a generous amount of butter or fat from the roast, add a large spoonful of flour and stir until it has browned, then add some water and white vinegar, a few bay leaves, some allspice, sliced pickles, sugar, and salt, and finally cut-up pieces of the roast; include the bones, also chopped into pieces.

Cooking time ½–¾ hour.

Translated by David Green.

Ragout of leftover roast veal

(Recipe #85, pages 95 – 96)

Sweat 1–2 finely sliced onions in butter or fat from the roast until they begin to brown, then brown a spoonful of flour and add a few cups of water, broth from the roast, diced pickles, pepper, and salt. When the pickles are soft, heat slices of the leftover roast in the pan. As already noted, overcooking will make the meat tough.

Translated by David Green.

Diced roast veal with raisins

(Recipe #84, page 95)

Cut roast veal into small dice, heat butter and make a roux with some white bread crumbs or flour, add bouillon or water, broth from the roast, 1 glass of wine, some lemon peel, mace, and salt, plus a large quantity of raisins. Cook the sauce until the raisins are soft and then warm the meat in it.

Translated by David Green.

Kidney slices

(Recipe #82, page 95)

Chop the fried kidney and its fat along with a bit of ham (if available), some roasted veal, and parsley; mix with an egg plus 1–2 egg yolks, a few tablespoons of thick sweet cream, the necessary salt, some lemon peel and mace or nutmeg and a little crumbled zwieback. Then moisten slices of white bread in milk and 1–2 eggs, spread them thickly with this mixture, smooth the surface, score the slices crosswise, and sprinkle them with fine bread or zwieback crumbs.

When this has been done, heat butter, brown the underside of the slices in it, then lay them in the butter for a few minutes on the other side. For dessert sprinkle the kidney toasts with sugar; to accompany vegetables, serve them without sugar.

Translated by David Green.

Grilled cold leftover veal roast

(Recipe #75, page 93)

Cut slices as thick as a finger from the roast, dip them in eggs and nutmeg, turn them in zwieback or cracker crumbs, and sprinkle them with a few grains of salt. Brown them as quickly as possible on both sides and serve at once.

If the roast was roasted slowly, the grilled slices will be dry and hard, but if the roast was tender and moist, they will be very tasty.

Translated by David Green.