Sturgeon steaks

(Recipe #55, page 137)

Remove the leftover fish from its broth, cut it into slices the thickness of a finger, dip them in egg, pepper, and minced shallots, dredge them in zwieback crumbs, and fry them rapidly on both sides in browned butter until they are light brown. Serve with young carrots or simply with onions browned in butter.

Translated by David Green.



(Recipe #54, pages 136 – 137)

When the sturgeon has been killed and gutted, wrap it in a cloth and lay it on a stone slab in the cellar for a day or two, because it is tough when cooked fresh. Before boiling, rub it down several times with salt and water to remove all traces of slime; depending on its size, cut it into 5–12 pieces, which can be further divided into convenient pieces after cooking. Continue reading