Duck in savoy cabbage

(Recipe #30, page 57)

Depending on the size of the heads, cut the cabbage into 2–4 pieces. Remove the thick veins but keep the pieces whole. Wash the cabbage and place in a colander. Meanwhile brown a duck in butter, add a few rashers of bacon, 2 cups of water, and the cabbage, without letting the heads fall apart; sprinkle some salt in layers between the pieces, cover the pot tightly, and steam both over gentle heat some 1½–2 hours until tender. To serve, place the duck in a bowl and garnish with the cabbage.

If you don’t want to cook the duck with the cabbage, the vegetable can also be prepared with the liquid from the roast duck and the duck added after roasting. (It should also be noted that it is easy to oversalt Savoy cabbage.)

Translated by David Green.


Savoy cabbage

(Recipe #29, page 57)

Remove the outer leaves, then cut the head in half, remove the core and the thick veins of the leaves, and cut the rest of the head into pieces half the size of a hand. Wash and boil in lots of lightly salted water over a hot fire until done, pour boiling water over the cabbage in a colander, press the water out of the leaves, and stew them thoroughly with meat stock, nutmeg, and butter.

Cooking time 1 hour.

Accompaniments: tripe, roast duck, roast beef, cutlets, pork sausage, boiled beef, for everyday meals also a piece of soup meat.

Translated by David Green.