Fine ragout of young spring chickens and pigeons

(Recipe #144, pages 112 – 113)

4 chickens or 8 pigeons will serve 12. Prepare them as in no. 143 and stew them in butter until done. Brown a knob of fresh butter the size of an egg, add flour and stir until it also brown, but do not let it scorch. Stir the browned flour with the flavorful broth in which the birds were cooked, adding brown stock as necessary, a sliced seeded lemon, some ground nutmeg, pepper, and salt. Continue reading

Dainty fricassee of young spring chickens and pigeons with crayfish

(Recipe #143, page 112)

If you like, cut the chickens in quarters and the pigeons in half lengthwise to distinguish chickens from pigeons, though this is not necessary. Add some salt and a lot of fresh butter and place the tightly covered pan over moderate heat; turn the pieces over after a while; after ½ an hour add boiling bouillon, a few slices of a cored lemon, a bit of mace, and some fine zwieback crumbs and cook slowly covered until the meat is tender, being careful, however, not to let it begin to fall apart. Continue reading