Otter in fine herbs

(Recipe #6, page 149)

Prepare the otter and let it stand overnight as described above. Then take a few shallots or another onion, a bit of garlic, some parsley, 1 ounce of capers, 4 anchovies, a little thyme and basil, mince them all, stew them in a casserole with 4 tablespoons of olive oil, add the pieces of otter and stew them, turning once, then pour a glass of white wine over them. Continue reading


Caviar canapés (after the soup, at the end of a meal, or at breakfast)

(Recipe #75, page 142)

Butter toasted slices of wheat bread and spread them generously with caviar; serve with finely minced onion and lemon wedges. Caviar can also be passed separately so that all can help themselves.

Translated by David Green.

Quick beef soup

(Recipe #5, page 29)

For every 6 – 8 servings, cube 2 pounds beef (or cut in thin slices). Saute several TBS of flour in about one TBS of good butter till golden brown. Add the meat, one small sliced onion, and yellow root (carrots) in addition to one small celery root. Cut the celery root in eight pieces. Stir for a while. Pour as much boiling water into the pot as the amount of soup one wishes to have, taking into account the water that will boil down.

Let everything cook for one hour, tightly covered. Then strain with a sieve.

Cook rice separately. To serve, add celery to the soup. Add nutmeg as desired.

Soup with beef extract, for eight persons

(Recipe #3, page 28)

Highly recommended. Serve 1/2 pint [one cup] soup per person. One cup of water is used to cook one serving. Pour three quarts plus one pint water into a tin pot, and boil. Place one pound of good, boneless beef in the pot. Carefully skim the foam. Then add a whole chopped onion, one-fourth of a large celery root (alternately one-half of a celery root), and 4 heaping TBS of fine pearl barley. Cover tightly. When adding salt later, let soup cook 2-1/2 hours without removing lid. Do not boil too rapidly or too slowly.

To serve: Add flavorful egg yolk, nutmeg (if desired), and a level teaspoon beef extract to a [soup] tureen. Slowly add the soup to the tureen, stirring constantly, so the egg will not curdle.

Chicken salad

(Recipe #2, page 230)

Cook 1 chicken till it boils. Add 1 onion, 1 bay leaf, “English” spices, and peppercorns and cook till tender. Remove the skin from the chicken and cut up the meat. Add 2 chopped stalks of celery to the chicken meat. Cook three eggs till hard boiled. Slice the cooked egg whites, and mash the cooked egg yolks. Mix yolks with three to four TBS vegetable oil and add vinegar, a little ground pepper, and four to five TBS of “salad dressing” [used English words]. Then add a little strained chicken stock, mix everything well. One may substitute white cabbage for celery.