Espagnole sauce

(Recipe #2a, page 148)

To make an Espagnole sauce, cover the bottom of a deep casserole with fresh butter to half the thickness of a finger, top it with a pound of sliced lean raw ham, followed by 3–4 large sliced Spanish onions, a loin of veal, 2 old partridges or 2 old pigeons, an old hen, and some scraps of raw or cooked fowl. Pour in two ladles of meat stock and place the casserole over low heat, letting the combination cook down and turn light brown, but being careful not to let it scorch. Then fill the casserole with bouillon, bring it to a boil, degrease it completely, add a few carrots, leeks, and parsnips, and simmer slowly. Continue reading

Soup using pickled turtle meat

(Recipe #2, page 148)

If soup is to be made with pickled meat, cut it into small rectangular pieces; bring it to a boil only once in a very strong Espagnole sauce with Madeira and serve it immediately. Continue reading

Eel in sauce with a puffed pastry border

(Recipe #13, pages 128 – 129)

Cut up the eel, salt it, and rinse it again. For 4 pounds of eel, take 1 tablespoon of flour, stir it over heat with 2 ounces of melted butter to make a roux, add good meat stock, lemon slices without peel or seeds, 1 bay leaf, and Madeira or white wine.

Cook the eel until done and place it on a warmed platter. Immediately add morels, capers, or mushrooms to the sauce, stir in egg yolks, and pour the sauce over the eel. Decorate the edge of the platter with a border of puff pastry.

Translated by David Green.

English plum cake

(Recipe #14, page 257)

Take one pound of good butter, melt over low heat. Let clarify and thicken. Add to butter one pound of sifted sugar, one pound of good corn starch, one pound of good currants [raisins – Korinthen] (washed and dried), 12 eggs, a good 2 ounces of candied lemon or orange peel [Succade], 1/4 ounce finely ground cinnamon, 1/8 ounce finely ground cloves, a wine glass [6 ounces] of Madeira or arrack.

Whip butter till creamy. Slowly add egg yolks, spices, sugar, and raisins. Stir for 1/2 hour (sic!), till the mixture forms bubbles. Gently fold in stiffly beaten egg whites, cornstarch, and lastly the Madeira. Immediately place the cake in the oven and bake at medium heat for 1-1/2 hours.

Note: Occasionally this mixture can taste too sour, so it is necessary to test it first. [I.e., perhaps add more sugar.]