Tasty forcemeat pâté

(Recipe #6, pages 119 – 120)

Make a puff pastry or piecrust using 1½ pounds of flour. Make a forcemeat using 1 pound each of beef, veal, pork, and pork fat (if the pork is fatty, omit the pork fat), all minced very fine with the necessary salt. Mix thoroughly with 8 eggs beaten until foamy, nutmeg, white pepper, a large grated onion sautéed in butter, finely minced tarragon, basil, and lemon balm, 4–5 ounces of zwieback crumbs, and a few cups of wine or water.

Line a springform pan to the top with rolled-out pastry as described in no. 4 and pack the forcemeat into it, cover with a top crust and rim, decorate the top, and brush the pâté with egg. Make an opening in the center and bake for 1½ hours; serve with a sauce of capers, oysters, or morels, or a good brown meat sauce.

Translated by David Green.


Baked ham Mecklenburg style

(Recipe #109, page 104)

Thoroughly rinse and dry a smoked ham as described in the preceding recipe. Roll out bread dough (not too thin) in the shape of a ham but twice as large; scatter fresh or dried herbs like thyme, marjoram, tarragon, lemon balm, chives, and basil over the dough, place the ham on it, and wrap the dough around it so that nothing protrudes. Then sprinkle flour on a baking sheet, place the ham on it, and bake for 2–3 hours, depending on size.

Note: A ham that has been cut into can be kept in the crust for further use.

Translated by David Green.