Espagnole sauce

(Recipe #2a, page 148)

To make an Espagnole sauce, cover the bottom of a deep casserole with fresh butter to half the thickness of a finger, top it with a pound of sliced lean raw ham, followed by 3–4 large sliced Spanish onions, a loin of veal, 2 old partridges or 2 old pigeons, an old hen, and some scraps of raw or cooked fowl. Pour in two ladles of meat stock and place the casserole over low heat, letting the combination cook down and turn light brown, but being careful not to let it scorch. Then fill the casserole with bouillon, bring it to a boil, degrease it completely, add a few carrots, leeks, and parsnips, and simmer slowly. Continue reading


Soup using pickled turtle meat

(Recipe #2, page 148)

If soup is to be made with pickled meat, cut it into small rectangular pieces; bring it to a boil only once in a very strong Espagnole sauce with Madeira and serve it immediately. Continue reading

A different way of cooking lentils

(Recipe #66, page 66)

After carefully picking over the lentils and washing them, boil them until completely soft. Then pour off all the water and add meat stock along with sliced leeks and celery; cook for a good while longer and thicken the stock with a roux of flour and plenty of fat.

Or drain the lentils after they have boiled for an hour and then boil them with fresh water until quite soft. Cut a piece of bacon and a lot of onions into slices, fry in butter until the butter begins to foam, add from 1 to 3 tablespoons of flour (depending on the quantity of lentils) and brown lightly, stir in meat stock to make a thick sauce, add vinegar, salt, and pepper, pour over the lentils, cook them until done in the sauce.

Translated by David Green.

Stewed leeks

(Recipe #37, pages 59 – 60)

When the leeks in the cellar have turned quite yellow, clean them, cut them into finger-length pieces, and proceed as with stewed onions. Or cut some raw beef, boil and skim it in court-bouillon, and cook it almost tender. Then lay the leeks on it along with some small potatoes, sprinkle with salt, cover tightly, cook until done and serve together. The meat must cook 2½–3 hours; add the leeks and potatoes to the meat an hour before serving.

Translated by David Green.