Strassburg goose-liver pâté — no. 3

(Recipe #4, page 119)

This recipe was recommended by a woman who finds it delicious.

The paler and fatter the livers, the better the pâté will be. For a medium-size pâté, take 2 large goose livers, 1 pound of lean pork, 1 pound of leaf lard, and 1 pound of truffles. Cut the livers into pieces, clean the truffles as directed, sprinkle with salt and white pepper, and insert into the pieces of liver. Make a forcemeat of the pork and lard and the trimmings of the livers, all chopped as fine as possible and seasoned with pepper and salt; press it through a strainer to make it quite fine. Pack the livers sprinkled with salt alternately with forcemeat and truffles in a terrine, pressing the pâté firmly. Bake the pâté 2–2½ hours in a moderate over. If you intend to keep it for some time, cover it with clear melted lard.

Translated by David Green.


Sauerkraut (plain)

(Recipe #56, page 63)

Thoroughly drain the sauerkraut and optionally soak it a bit in water. Then place it in boiling water on the stove. About ½ hour before serving, heat some good lard quite hot, brown an onion in the lard, remove the onion, and pour the hot fat over the kraut. It is a very good practice to stir a raw grated potato into the kraut when it is done, to make the liquid less watery and make the sauerkraut attractive.

Cooking time 1½ hours.

Translated by David Green.