Fried haddock tails

(Recipe #63, page 139)

After the fish have been cleaned, cut off 6 inches of their tails. Salt them for an hour, fry them like cod, and serve them with green vegetables or potato salad.

Translated by David Green.

Haddock stewed with asparagus

(Recipe #62, page 139)

Clean and bone the fish, salt it, and cut it into small pieces. Dry, dip in beaten egg and nutmeg, dredge in bread crumbs, and fry golden brown in hot butter. Continue reading

Boiled haddock

(Recipe #61, page 139)

Scale, gut, and wash the fish; cut it into 3–4 pieces, depending on its size. Rinse the pieces once more and place them in boiling, rather heavily salted water and skim off the scum. When the scum begins to boil, the fish is done; it must not be cooked further. Leave it in the cooking water for a while to absorb the salt and serve it piping hot. Continue reading