Fried frog legs

(Recipe #4, page 148)

After cleaning the frog legs, let them stand for ¼ hour sprinkled with salt; wash them in cold water, dip them in beaten egg with nutmeg, dredge them in zwieback crumbs or breadcrumbs, and fry them in hot butter from ¼ hour until they are light brown.

Translated by David Green.

Ragout of frog legs

(Recipe #3, page 148)

Place the frog legs in a container with water, vinegar, and salt; wash and scour them thoroughly with a brush. Then melt a stick of butter, place the frog legs into the melted butter with some salt, and stew them tightly covered until almost done. Then dust them with a bit of flour, add strong bouillon, mace, and a few lemon slices, cook until the frog legs are completely tender, and thicken the sauce by stirring in egg yolks. Continue reading