Lobster fricassee with fish dumplings and asparagus

(Recipe #89, pages 144 – 145)

Thoroughly clean fat spring chickens, put them on the stove with barely enough salted water to cover; add a generous knob of butter and with some mace, and simmer until done, skimming carefully. A good ¼ hour beforehand, add very tender asparagus, well peeled and parboiled. Continue reading


Fish fritters (using leftovers)

(Recipe #74, page 142)

Remove all the bones from leftover fish and mince the flesh; use it to make a forcemeat with a knob of creamed butter, a bit of nutmeg and salt, a few eggs, lemon peel, grated stale white bread, and water. Continue reading

Whole fish pie

(Recipe #13, page 121)

Scale small pickerel or other fish and debone them as follows: slit them down the back with a sharp knife, clean them out, separate the flesh from the bones, and cut off the head from the backbone, leaving the skin whole. Then marinate and stuff them, and arrange them on a bottom crust of pastry covered with slices of pork fat.

Translated by David Green.

Baby peas

(Recipe #13, pages 51 – 52)

Bring water to a boil with plenty of butter; add the freshly shelled peas a bit at a time, letting the water return to a boil after each addition. Peas must have plenty of water and cook quickly. If cooked too slowly or too long, or if left to stand for a time after they are ready, they lose their pleasant flavor. Continue reading