Crayfish (alt. crab)

(Recipe #92, page 145)

An expert has recommended the following method of preparation as the best: The crayfish must be alive. First clean them carefully in cold water using a hand brush. Melt a small piece of butter in a kettle of boiling water, add a little vinegar, a bunch of parsley and tarragon, ground pepper, and salt. Continue reading

Clear white beef soup

(Recipe #4, pages 28-29)

For a flavorful soup for a community meal, calculate 3/4 pound of meat per person for a small party; for a larger party, calculate 1/2 pound meat per person. The bouillon will be especially good if one cooks an old chicken and two pounds of veal with the beef; one may also use less beef in this manner. The beef soup will also be improved if one adds calf’s sweetbread [e.g. heart, thymus, gullet, neck]. Cook using 1/3 again as much water as one wishes to have soup. For a community meal, calculate one pint [2 cups] of soup per person, and cook as instructed above. Continue reading