Fruit pudding (highly recommended)

(Recipe #35, page 160)

Ingredients: 2 pounds + 2 ounces of 2-day-old white bread, nearly 1 quart of milk, ¼ pound of butter, 10 eggs, depending on how acidic the fruit is 6–8 ounces of powdered sugar [1-1/2 to 2 cups], lemon peel, and cinnamon, and (optionally) ¼ pound of currants. Continue reading


Apple pie

(Recipe #15, page 121)

Place a pie-crust rim around a deep dish, fill the dish with peeled, quartered apples and sprinkle layers generously with sugar and lemon peel or cinnamon. In springtime, if the apples are no longer tender and juicy, add a couple of cups of wine and lemon slices. Then place the crust on top and proceed as described in no. 9.

Note: This pie can also be made with plums or cherries.

Translated by David Green.