Ragout of boiled or roasted mutton

(Recipe #95, page 98)

Slice some onions and soften them in butter or good fat (but not mutton fat), brown some flour in the butter, gradually add a little boiling water, stirring constantly, and also a little brown gravy if available. Season it with tarragon and basil, pepper, cloves, 1–2 bay leaves, the necessary amount of salt, and some vinegar. Also add, if available, a half to a whole tablespoon of thick sour cream and peeled and sliced pickles.

Let the gravy cook slowly covered; stew the boiled meat, cut into pieces of appropriate size, thoroughly in the gravy; roasted mutton should only be heated in it. If any of the herbs mentioned are not available, they can be omitted without detriment.

Translated by David Green.