French soup

(Recipe #8, page 29)

For this soup, prepare all possible young vegetables, such as kohlrabi, celery, savoy cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower, and peas. Cut the rooted vegetables in strips, and chop the savoy cabbage finely. Simmer in 1/4 pound fresh butter, in a pungent bouillon, with asparagus and cauliflower cooked thoroughly.

Mushroom dumplings, as well as egg dumplings, go well with this soup, as do croutons.

[She did not mention beef extract, but without meat, the extract would be necessary to have a meat bouillon.]

Soup with beef extract, for eight persons

(Recipe #3, page 28)

Highly recommended. Serve 1/2 pint [one cup] soup per person. One cup of water is used to cook one serving. Pour three quarts plus one pint water into a tin pot, and boil. Place one pound of good, boneless beef in the pot. Carefully skim the foam. Then add a whole chopped onion, one-fourth of a large celery root (alternately one-half of a celery root), and 4 heaping TBS of fine pearl barley. Cover tightly. When adding salt later, let soup cook 2-1/2 hours without removing lid. Do not boil too rapidly or too slowly.

To serve: Add flavorful egg yolk, nutmeg (if desired), and a level teaspoon beef extract to a [soup] tureen. Slowly add the soup to the tureen, stirring constantly, so the egg will not curdle.

Quick bouillon

(Recipe #2, pages 27-28)

Take half of a fresh egg yolk, salt, a little nutmeg, and about half a teaspoon of fresh butter (this may be omitted), and mix in an eight-ounce bouillon bowl. Add 1/2 tsp beef extract. Mix. Gradually add a cup of boiling water.

The remaining half of the egg yolk can be stored in a cool place, covered with a TBS of cold water, for use on the next day.

Alternately, the eight-ounce bouillon bowl can be filled with a cup of boiling water, stirring in beef extract and salt.

One may also mix the beef extract and salt with flavorful cooked groats [e.g. cooked oatmeal]. The groats should be neither too thick nor too thin. Beef extract and salt added to groats instead of boiling water makes for a flavorful and pungent drink.