Another icing for fruit tarts

Mix 1/2 quart of sweet [whipping] cream, a scant 3 TBS sugar, 4 egg yolks (sic), and beat well. Beat 4 egg whites till stiff and fold into whipped cream mixture. As with icing above, spread over cake [tart, Torte].

Icing for a large plum tart

(Recipe #8, page 255)

A small soup-bowl of thick sour cream (may substitute fresh milk), 4 eggs, 2 TBS sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon.

Beat sour cream or milk well with whole eggs [and other ingredients]. When the plum tart is almost finished baking, add icing to the tart by the spoonful.

[Note: Davidis omitted the instructions to add the remaining ingredients. Also, one must assume that the ‘icing’ or Guss will be a sort of meringue, baking along with the plum tart until it is finished.]