White bread pudding (very tasty)

(Recipe #34, page 160)

Ingredients: 2 pounds + 2 ounces of 2-day-old white bread, ¼ pound of butter, 10 eggs, ¼ pound of sugar [2/3 cups], ¼ pound of currants, cinnamon or lemon peel, and a small glass of rum or arrack. The addition of 2½ ounces of slivered or coarsely ground almonds, ½ ounce of citron, and some cloves and cardamom makes the pudding especially fine.

Remove the crust from the bread and grate it; put it on the stove with half the butter, stirring until it is quite hot. Boil the crusts with milk to make a thick pap and stir it well. Then cream the rest of the butter and gradually stir in the egg yolks sugar, seasonings, currants, and the cooled bread; fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites and finally the rum.—Boil the pudding for 2½ hours and serve it with a mousseline or rum sauce.

Serves 16–18.

Translated by David Green.


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