Prince Regent pudding (very good)

(Recipe #33, page 159)

Ingredients: ¼ pound of seeded raisins, ¼ pound of currants, ¼ pound of slivered almonds, 6 ounces of sugar [3/4 cup], 14 eggs, a scant ¾ quart of milk, 18 ounces of 2-day-old wheat bread (weighed without the crust).

Slice the bread, lightly brown the slices in butter, and break them into small pieces. Beat the milk, sugar, and eggs together along with the lemon peel. Layer the remaining ingredients in a buttered mold and pour the milk mixture over them, as in the recipe for bread pudding.

Boil the pudding for 2–2½ hours and serve with raspberry or currant sauce.

Serves 15–18.

Translated by David Green.


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