Biscuit pudding, served warm or cold

(Recipe #21, pages 156 – 157)

Ingredients: ¾ pound of sliced biscuit or sponge cake, 10 eggs, a good ¾ quart of fresh cream or milk, a bit of vanilla ground fine with sugar.

Place the slices in a prepared mold, beat the whole eggs, add the vanilla and cream, and pour the mixture over the slices. Boil the pudding for 2 hours, open the mold, and empty it into a warm dish in a draft-free place.

If the pudding is to be served cold, leave it in the mold until it has cooled off, because then it will have less tendency to fall. A vanilla sauce is usually served, but since it makes the pudding very soft, a mousseline sauce is recommended instead.

Serves 12–14.

Translated by David Green.


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