Vermicelli pudding (very good)

(Recipe #19, page 156)

Ingredients: a good ½ quart of milk, ¼ pound of butter, ¼ pound of sugar [1/2 cup], 7 ounces of crushed vermicelli, the grated peel of half a lemon, 2 ounces of ground almonds (including 6 bitter almonds), 2 pinches of mace, 12 eggs.

Bring the milk, sugar, and half the butter to a boil, add the vermicelli, and stir until the dough is stiff and no longer sticks to the pot; let it cool slightly. Beat the egg white to stiff peaks, then cream the remaining butter and stir in the almonds, seasonings, egg yolks, and the dough; gently mix in the beaten egg whites.

Boil the pudding for 2½ hours and serve with a warm sauce made from the juice of sour cherries or currants or a wine sauce.

Serves 15–18.

Translated by David Green.

Ed. note: The recipe does not specify whether the vermicelli is added dry or cooked.


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