Semolina pudding (no. 2)

(Recipe #13, page 155)

(Serves 6–8). Ingredients: A good ½ quart of milk, 2–3 ounces of coarse semolina [1/3 to 1/2 cup], 3 ounces of sugar [about 1/2 cup], 3 ounces of fresh butter, 1 ounce of sultana raisins, 5 fresh eggs, and a bit of lemon peel.

Bring the milk, sugar, and butter to a boil, add the semolina and stir until the dough does not stick to the casserole. Set it aside to cool. Then stir 2 whole eggs, 3 yolks, the lemon peel, and raisins vigorously into the dough, and finally stir 3 egg whites beaten to stiff peaks gently in. Place the dough in a well-prepared open mold, set it in boiling water to half its height, and place it in a moderate oven. Cook it slowly but without interruption for 1½ hours, adding boiling water as necessary.

Note: Semolina pudding must be served hot; it becomes dense as it cools.

Translated by David Green.

Ed. note: Sultana raisins are golden-colored raisins (different variety of grape).


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