Grouse pie (highly recommended)

(Recipe #14, page 149)

Cut the bird into small pieces, remove all the bones and cook the pieces a bit in butter. Then place them in wine vinegar with pepper, nutmeg, and pearl onions for a few hours.

Meanwhile chop equal parts of veal, beef, and fresh pork very fine, add a raw egg yolk and the chopped yolks of a few hard-boiled eggs, a bit of white bread, and nutmeg. Cover the bottom of a deep pie tin with pork fat and butter, followed by alternating layers of grouse and meat until the tin is full. Top with a few lemon slices, sprinkle some salt over the top, and pour in half a bottle of wine.

Cover the tin securely and let it simmer 4–5 hours over gentle heat. If the pie appears to be getting too dry, more wine may be added. When the pie is done, remove the lemon slices, thicken the sauce a bit with egg yolk, and send the pie to the table cold.

Translated by David Green.


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