Fried otter

(Recipe #5, pages 148 – 149)

Cut the otter in pieces, remove the head, and let the pieces stand overnight with all kinds of herbs, diced carrots, onions, garlic, a few bay leaves, salt, coarsely ground spices, and a glass of vinegar. Then heat a knob of butter, add a couple of sliced onions and a few diced carrots, lay the pieces of otter on top, cover, and let them stew.

After a while, turn the pieces, add 1/8 quart of red wine, a ladle of good bouillon, and 3–4 slices of white bread browned in butter; cook the meat until tender. When it is done, place it in another dish until the sauce has been degreased. Then pour it through a sieve over the meat and add the juice of half a lemon.

Translated by David Green.

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