Plum pudding, with white bread

(Recipe #5, pages 152 – 153)

Ingredients: 6 whole eggs plus 6 egg yolks, ½ pound of fine flour, a scant ¾ quart of milk, 1 pound of fine 2-day old grated white bread, ¾ pound of finely chopped suet, ½ pound of seeded raisins, ½ pound of currants, and a bit of salt.

Stir the eggs and yolks together alternately with the flour to prevent the flour from clumping. Mix with the remaining ingredients and fill a large mold or spread a cloth in a deep bowl, butter the middle of it and dredge it with flour, place the dough in the center and tie the cloth up with twine, leaving a little space for the pudding to expand, and cook the pudding in boiling water without interruption for 3–4 hours.—Serves 24.

Longer cooking will not harm this pudding or the one above.

Translated by David Green.


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