English plum pudding, no. 1

Ingredients: 4 eggs, their whites beaten to soft peaks, ¾ quart of fresh cream, ½ pound of fine flour, ½ pound of finely chopped suet, ½ pound of well-washed currants, ¾ pound of seeded, coarsely chopped raisins, 2–3 ounces of butter, 1 ounce of sliced candied citron, 1 ounce of orange peel, ½ a nutmeg, half wineglass of rum, and a bit of salt.

Mix the ingredients well together, fill a mold, and cook for 4 hours. When the pudding is to be served, pour arrack over it, light it, and bring it to the table flaming. A white mousseline sauce is most appropriate. At the same time, however, a salver should be passed with arrack, sugar, small spills, and a candle, so that if the guests wish, they may substitute arrack and sugar for the sauce and flame their own portion.—Serves 12–14.

Note: This pudding may be made the day before without any detriment. It may also be cooked longer.

Translated by David Green.


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