Boiled lobster

(Recipe #88, page 142)

The lobster’s mouth opening must be stoppered with a pointed piece of wood to prevent too much water from entering. Boil the lobster in rapidly boiling water with lots of salt, like the water used for boiling fish. When the lobster is put in the pot, put a red-hot poker in the water to assure that the water continues to boil; take it out a few minutes later.

Boil the lobster for ½–¾ hour, depending on its size. When you remove the lobster, brush it with a bacon rind, making it shiny. Before sending it to the table, split it down the middle with a knife and mallet and cut the halves into smaller pieces; also break the claws to make the meat easier to remove at the table. Then arrange the pieces in their former shape and garnish the platter with parsley sprigs.

Serve the lobster hot with butter, minced parsley, and lemon wedges. When it is cold, serve it with olive oil, wine vinegar, and parsley.

Translated by David Green.


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