Fried sole with sauce

(Recipe #69, page 141)

For frying and fricassees, it is better to skin both sides. [See above regarding sides of sole.] The easiest way is to hold the tip of the tail in the flame of a burning lantern for a minute; use a sharp knife to loosen the tail a bit and then quickly strip the entire skin. Cut the fish into pieces straight or on the diagonal, salt the pieces for 1–2 hours and dry them thoroughly.

To make them cook more quickly, make a shallow incision on each side with a sharp knife; coat them with egg and nutmeg, dredge them with crumbled zwieback, and fry them in hot butter until done, crisp, and lightly browned, basting frequently.

Garnish the platter as for serving boiled sole and pass a caper, crayfish, or anchovy sauce, or serve them as is common in Holland with a nice green salad. In Bremen it is customary to serve potato salad with sole.

Translated by David Green.


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