Fried halibut

(Recipe #65, page 140)

After cleaning the fish thoroughly, sprinkle it with salt and let stand 1–2 hours; dry it off, make slits in the skin, brush it with beaten egg with a little water added, sprinkle with zwieback crumbs, and fry quickly on both sides in lightly browned butter or hot lard in an open pan until golden brown and quite crisp. Since halibut easily remains soft and softens quickly after being fried, the fish must be fried at quite a high temperature and served immediately; the serving dish must also not be covered. Serve with a lettuce, celery root, or potato salad.

Slices of halibut can also be grilled like whitefish and served with maître d’hôtel butter.

They can also be fried like smelt: dipped in egg and dredged with bread or cracker crumbs and served with green peas.

Translated by David Green.


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