Walleye or pikeperch

(Recipe #45, page 135)

Walleye should be scaled, gutted, have their fins removed, and thoroughly washed. If the fish is large, to prevent its falling apart when it is taken out it best to cook it on a fish rack. If a rack or fish slice is not available, use a packing needle to run twine through the tail and eyes and place the bent fish with its back down in a pan with cold salted water to cover.

Set the pan on the stove, skimming as the water boils. Boil the fish gently until quite done. To serve, place the fish on a warmed platter, cut the twine short and remove it carefully. Sprinkle the fish with minced parsley and cover it with a crayfish or oyster sauce, or pass a Saxon fish sauce.

Translated by David Green.

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