Salmon with herbs

(Recipe #4, pages 126 – 127)

Clean the salmon thoroughly and cut it into appropriate pieces. Mix together the following herbs: parsley, shallots, tarragon, and capers, refreshed and filleted anchovies, and some ground pepper. Melt fresh butter and add the chopped herbs and enough lemon juice to lend an acidulated flavor. Place it on the stove; when it has warmed, add the salmon and let it stew for 2 hours, turning frequently; the butter must remain melted but must not brown. Now heat the pan with the butter and sauté the salmon for 10 minutes, brushing the herbs on both sides of the salmon frequently with a feather.

For the sauce, add 2 glasses of white wine to the herbs and boil down to a few spoonfuls of concentrated broth; if it is not acidulated enough, add some lemon juice. Stir in an egg yolk to thicken the sauce.

Translated by David Green.

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