Quick pastries made from leftover meat

(Recipe #24, page 123)

Chop leftover roast veal or other similar meat quite fine together with some fatty meat (ham can be used), add nutmeg, salt, a knob of butter, a few eggs, parsley (or some minced shallots or onions) and stir over heat to form a smooth, not too stiff, forcemeat.

Grate the crust off rolls or rusks, cut off a slice, and carefully hollow them out. Stuff them with the forcemeat, tie them together or pierce them with a small wooden skewer and cover with the cut-off slice. Place them in the oven in a pan in which milk and butter have been heated and baste frequently; when the liquid has been absorbed, continue to baste with butter and meat gravy until the pastries have slightly browned.

Translated by David Green.


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