Pickled carp

(Recipe #25, pages 131 – 132)

Scale and gut the carp, separate the gall bladder from the liver, and remove the intestines; wash the fish, rub them inside and out with salt and let them rest a while. Replace the roe and dry the fish. They can also be divided and cut into pieces in advance.

Then brush the fish with high quality olive oil and cook it slowly on a gridiron until done and golden brown. Absent a gridiron, a frying pan will also serve, but it must be shaken frequently to keep the fish from sticking. While the fish is cooling, boil vinegar with lemon peel, shallots or onions, whole spices, mace, some salt, and a bay leaf; when the liquid has cooled, pour it over the fish. After a few days, the carp is ready to eat; it will keep for several weeks if the liquid is brought to a boil again halfway through the period.

Translated by David Green.


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