Boiled salmon

(Recipe #2, page 126)

Scale the salmon, cut it in slices about 1½–2 inches thick, and rinse. Bring water to a boil with a dash of vinegar, salt, whole pepper, nutmeg, and allspice, along with a few bay leaves, lemon peel, and (if available) some rosemary. Boil the fish in the water for 5 minutes, skimming the broth.

Afterwards let the fish stand for up to ¼ of an hour to cook slowly until done. Serve with potatoes and melted butter, which must be heated without allowing it to boil, and finely chopped parsley.

If the salmon is to be served cold with oil and vinegar, remove it from the fish stock, let the stock cool, and place the salmon back in it until needed. Less salt is required for cooking salmon than for other fish.

Translated by David Green.


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