Strassburg goose-liver pâté — no. 1

(Recipe #2, page 118)

This recipe requires 2 goose livers, which must be washed with milk; no water must touch them.

Finely chop together 3 pounds of veal from which all traces of skin have been removed, a handful of shallots, the yellow peel of 4 lemons, 10 to 12 freshened anchovies, and a handful of capers. Add a handful of whole capers, a handful of fine white breadcrumbs, ground spices, and enough good white wine to produce a smooth dough.

Next knead together thoroughly ¾ pound of butter, 4 eggs, some salt, and enough flour to make a very stiff dough and roll it thick. Butter an appropriate mold, sprinkle with finely grated white bread crusts, and line it with the dough, which must extend a bit beyond the mold. Place a layer of forcemeat, a layer of truffles boiled in some wine and seasonings, and a layer of sliced goose liver on the dough; repeat with layers of forcemeat, truffles, and liver until the mold is full. The final layer must be forcemeat.

Cover the entire surface of the contents with slices of pork fat topped with strips of dough to bind everything together. Cover the mold with a pastry lid with a knob in the center. Fold the overhanging dough up onto the lid and press the edges together. Bake in the oven until light brown (about 2 hours); when the terrine is cold, remove it from the mold.

Translated by David Green.


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