Westfalian black goose (Gänseschwarz)

(Recipe #155, page 115)

Take everything that cannot be used in roast goose, namely: Neck, wings, liver, heart, lungs, stomach, and legs. The latter are placed in boiling water and peeled.

Chop up the neck into several pieces. Everything else is similarly cut up. If the meat is to be stored for several days, pour a little vinegar over it.

When ready for use, it is skimmed off with not too much water and salt, and cooked with several onions, 4 bay leaves, pepper, and cloves (and as desired, two handsful of blanched plums). Cook well. Then sweat a little flour in butter until brown, taking care that it does not burn. Stir in some broth, add vinegar, a bit of sugar or as much good pear butter as necessary to give the gravy a sweet-sour flavor.

In some regions, it is common to bind the gravy with grated honey cakes instead of flour browned in butter. If one has goose blood, this is boiled thoroughly, which adds a lot of color to the ‘black goose’ and gives it a nice flavor. In that case, use very little flour, because the blood will thicken the gravy.

Additionally, the gravy must be rather thick and plentiful and have a strong flavor of spices and vinegar. If there is not enough goose meat, one may add a little breast meat from pork or veal.

Potatoes are served as accompaniment.

Note: The goose blood is collected when slaughtering the goose. It is mixed with vinegar. Around St. Martin’s Day [November 11] it can be stored in an open container for up to three days, later when it’s colder up to 8 days, kept in a cold place. However, without vinegar it will go bad quite quickly.


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